Do you love your dog and want to overcome and prevent behavior problems by establishing trust between you and your special pet. Our specialized training programs can help.

We will help you in achieving your goal! We use positive first approach and real life rewards in our training. Learn how to shape the behaviors of your pet the way you want.

We partner with some of the well known private trainers in Orange County to work with your pet at our Vinjons boarding facility. Here are some of the training programs to chose from:

At Present we are working with two trainers:

We can also arrange for your trainer to come and train your pet at our facility while your pet is boarded with us. If you plan to use this service please let us know your trainer information when you drop off your pet and we will arrange everything. You will be only paying boarding fee to us and arrange the training fee with your trainer.


For any additional question please feel free to email us 

at or call us at 714-528-8734


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