Boarding Services

Dog eating food


Food provided by pet parents will be given in accordance with your instructions. If you forgot to bring your pet’s food, we feed dry and canned IAMS Premium foods.

Diagnosing sick dog in clinic


We will administer client-provided or veterinarian-prescribed medications and supplements according your instructions. There is an additional charge for medication administration, including insulin injections.

Dog having a haircut


Would you like your furry friend to come home looking and smelling great? Sign up for a complete grooming or bathing service at time of check-in.

Pampering cats

Cat Pamper Time

Pamper time is available for your cat. We offer 30-minute personal attention sessions for an additional fee.

Dogs playing with toy bone

Dog Play Time

Daily outdoor play time is available for your pup during their stay for an additional charge. Play time allows him or her to safely spend time in an over-sized play yard. We have solo and group play options available for dogs that pass basic temperament testing.

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