Daycare overview


Doggie daycare center at Vinjon’s is designed to meet the needs of dogs that are unable to get enough exercise and socialization at home. If you want somewhere for your dog to hang out during the day while you are at work or running errands, we would love to have your pup join our daycare facility. Daycare is also ideal for a high energy dog that needs to let off some steam while socializing with humans and dogs. Your pup will be allowed to play with other dogs under supervision of our experienced handlers.


We separate the dogs in different play groups by their play style, size and age. In order to place a dog in a playgroup, our team of trained staff will perform a full assessment of behavior and temperament of all daycare enrolled pups to make sure that he or she is a good candidate for play groups. For dogs that are shy, not sociable with other dogs, older, or have a physically disabling medical condition, we offer customized individual play time. Dogs that come for daycare have opportunities to play throughout the day, along with rest times. Drop them off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home—they will love it!

Group Play Daycare

Group Daycare is the perfect setting for a dog loves to play with others, does not have significant medical problems that would preclude active play, and has enough energy to spare throughout the day or half day set-up. Groups will be separated by play style, size and age of the pets. All dogs must pass the social test to get enrolled. In addition to a behavior test, we also require that all dogs meet the following vaccine and health requirements:

Individual Daycare

For those dogs are shy around or don’t play well with other furry friends, geriatric, or have another inhibiting medical condition, they can enjoy a full day of fun and exercise in a private daycare setting. In private daycare, our handlers with play one-on-one with dogs to provide them with enough stimulation and exercise. All dogs in this group will be tested for temperament and basic health conditions as well to make sure that they are a good candidate to play with our handlers. In addition to behavior test, we also require that all dogs meet the following vaccine and health requirements:

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