Customers Speak

      We have been taking our cats here for over 10 years. We've always loved it here until our visit today. They are under new ownership and it is obvious that the new owner does not value loyal customers. They have raised the prices by more than 50% and do not communicate this with the customer. (Thats $30 more folks)  When I questioned this (again, a customer for 10 years) I was told the new owner had searched a mile radius and "this is what Yorba Linda costs are." Vinjon's has lost a loyal customer and I promptly found a new groomer THREE miles away who charges much LESS than we have paid for 10 years and cares about my cat. Such a bummer because I support local businesses BUT will not support this one any longer. They don't care about their customers. WAY over priced and not worth it.

    UPDATE: If I could give zero stars, I would. The new owner told us he would refund the difference in price (that was not insignificant) We went to obtain our refund and were told that the refund was contingent on us taking down this negative review. Umm, no. Keep my $30 and watch your business fail because you don't get the basic premise of valuing loyal customers. How disappointing.

    thumb Colby C.

      Negative stars? Pup got her cut today. Looked ok paid the higher fee with new owners. Last cut the young woman did a really bad job took her back for the fix. Thought it was because she was young and maybe new. Bad attitude And snippy. Asked for another groomer today who did her first cut there that was fine. Not so fine today.

    To respond to Mark:  First of all, my dog weighs 55 lbs, not 80. The reason she went to Vinjon's in the first place was recommendations by some long time clients.  The first cut was fine, the second cut was terrible with scissor lines and absolutely uneven. I showed the groomer a picture today because she ended up with a pom on her head, from Groomer #2,  which  she tried to correct at the time I picked her up.  After I got home & looked, her cut was uneven and I took her back so they could even out the horrible cut from Groomer#2.   Today the price was $10.00 more & I was told you upped your prices and are new owners.  Today per the pictures, she has been clipped to the skin and the one on her face had some blood. I didn't go over her at the pick up time, but would highly recommend it to anyone else. My friends even noticed her front legs have channels down the back.   Conversation is over.

    thumb Lynn B.

      A few years ago, IF you had told me I would be taking our Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer "Rookie" to a kennel, I would have said you were nuts! Then, after many years and failed kidneys, we had to say good-bye to a dear friend. Then, we got stupid and got TWO Miniature Schnauzer puppies that we couldn't leave at home, so it just so happens, Vinjons is 1.5 miles from my work and the miracle began. Without Vinjons and their staff, we wouldn't have been able to keep both.
    This is a great place with a caring staff. We understand that they have recently been sold to new owners. We hope that they change NOTHING, this is a place or business that somehow over the years of trial and error, got it right! They are managed professionally and all of the staff are caring and professional. A rare combination... From their new washer, to the front desk, to the grooming staff, they are outstanding and Kim, their manager is one of a kind, the good kind...
    IF you are looking for the right stuff, this IS THE PLACE!

    thumb Daniel K.

      Took my Cairn Terrier to Vinjon's Kennel today for his first grooming visit with them.  I'd previously been using one of the more popular grooming service provided at one of the large veterinary clinics near my home.  I could no longer take my dog there because his last visit lasted 6 1/2 hours and when I called in concern, they told me he was still not groomed.  So, I picked him up and looked for a new facility.

    Vinjon's was recommended by a family member who is very happy with the grooming her Westie receives.  I called Vinjon's last week, made an appointment for "Ted" this morning and was told that grooming is handled as "first come, first served". I dropped him off at 9:00 a.m. and discussed his grooming with the staff who were very welcoming and courteous.  Ted had no reservations about heading right on in and I felt confident leaving him with them.  The facilities are very well maintained and immaculate.  The price I was quoted was what I had previously been paying for his grooming,  I got a call at 12:15 p.m. that Ted was ready for pick up and when I got him, he looked fabulous and happy.  He was groomed by Rita who did an excellent job and turned him back into a Cairn Terrier!  I will certainly continue to use their grooming services and will recommend them to others.

    thumb Pamela B.

      We took our puppy Bailey for his first grooming with Lindsey. She was awesome. She even took the time to write a caring note about our previous loss of our dog Augie whom she cared and loved for years.
    Thank you Vinjon's for your excellent care and service.

    Gary and Deidra Obermoeller

    thumb Gary O.

      So I'm giving this place four stars bc I really
    Loved the atmosphere but also the customer service! Everyone was so nice and very helpful to me when it came to answering all my questions. The only one thing I was not pleased with was the way they trimmed my pups nails. This was a huge reason I went in and I was not so happy when I left only bc his nails were probably even sharper than when I brought him in. I came more for the grooming and as I was leaving  I went to pick him up and he scratched the crap out of my stomach lol. I will try this place out again bc I do believe this place has potential to be my favorite grooming/ daycare spot but I will definitely not leave with his nails the way they were this last time.

    thumb Lauren R.

      Vinjon's Kennel in Yorba Linda has a homey, cozy feel -- not your corporate, so serious pet hotel. It's clean. They have grooming services as well. Our dogs come home happy -- which is the bottom line. And yes -- shout out to BRUCE! He is accommodating, friendly, so service-oriented, and goes the extra mile. God bless.

    thumb Smile A.

      Bruce was the only good thing about this place. I called two days ago and made a appointment for Saturday morning for a first time grooming with them for our corgi and we let them know well In advanced that our dog does not like water and can be aggressive. Bruce told me over the phone it would be $35 for a simple bath. When i went to go pick him up the rude front desk person told me it was going to be $40 and i said i was told over the phone it was going to be $35. She then proceeded to complain about my dog and how they had to muzzle him and saying he was biting everyone and that they couldn't finish trimming his back nails(which it looks like they actually did trim them). She wanted to argue with me about the price. I said i was never told i would be over charged for my dogs behavior when i told Bruce over the phone that he can be aggressive.

    Then Bruce walked up and i asked him how he was because he was the one to bath him... he said he was a little scared on the beginning because he didn't know him. And then he mellowed out and was fine. Bruce never mentioned that he tried to bite him or anything.

    The front lady then said fine $35 then and said next time you come you will be charged $40.

    Definitely not coming back because of the horrible customer service i was received by the front desk!

    Bruce is great!

    Updated review:

    The management team reached out to me and said they apologize for what happened on Saturday. They offered me a discount for my next visit. Kudos to the management team for resolving the situation.

    thumb Lindsey P.

      I just picked up my puppy "Duke" and got a tour of the facility and I must tell you this place is great!  Duke was groomed perfectly and the staff is just super nice!  What a great place to have grooming and if you need a hotel for your pets you must check them out.

    thumb Dan T.

      Vinjon's is great. Our dog was there for a week, and they gave him his medication while he was there with no issues. We even called to check in about halfway through the week and they were happy to update us on how he was doing. Staff was very friendly and professional. They give you a piece of paper with some info on it, including instructions along the lines of "don't allow your dog to consume too much water when it gets home". Dogs get excited when they're there, come home, and over-drink, which can upset their tummy. This is not the kennels fault--it's the fault of owners who can't follow clear directions. We had no issues with this with our dog as we limited the consumption when he got home. I loved this place, and would definitely board with them again.

    thumb Sara C.